Mail is a web-based email service which enables users to send email attachments, message and remote access to mail. Users can add attachments like audio files, spreadsheets, and images. Since its inception,it was offering the Best Mailing platform to its users.It is windup a vast range of market base who are using mailing service. It also provides full online customer care service to its users in the best possible way. This mailing service consists of exciting and attractive features that give higher usability to customers all over the world.

Here are some of the features that customer care offers:
  • Update the user information in less time.
  • Secure your password and your info.
  • Users will get different folders containing the inbox folder, spam folder, sent items, sent items, saved messages, etc.
  • Storage is about more than 25 GB so that the right amount of data can be stored and sent with ease for online processing.
  • Your information can get securely stored online without breaching the webmaster guidelines of a particular search engine.
  • One of the best things about mail is the provision of customer care 24×7 online as well as calling help as no other mail gives this unique facility.
  • This mail functionality in which contact of a user also gets saved automatically.
  • Only helpline service is available in the UK, not in all regions of the world.
  • The features also include that if a user does not delete the unwanted emails, then all the unsolicited emails get deleted within given and authorized provided time by team,.ie. 80 days.
  • Along with a fantastic mailing service facility, it also provides a web searching engine, BlogSpot, to create blogs online, its products and services, websites.
Have a look at some of the issues which you can face while working on Email Helpline Number.
  • Facing a few Email hacked issues.
  • You are dealing with blocked email account problems.
  • You are facing signing in problems with the email account.
  • You are dealing with Settings related problems.
  • Facing SMTP errors.
  • Dealing with blocked account related problems.

Why choose Happy to Support?

  • If your account is troubling you and is not authenticating your username or password, you can contact us anytime as we work 24/7. We give you an instant solution for your email errors.
  • Connection Errors is one of a standard error widely faced by users. We resolve all your connections or unsecured connection errors.
  • Our Expert Team will help you to troubleshoot both the queries recovering password and getting back your email id in case you forget your email id.
  • Sometimes, users send an email, but it can’t be delivered and the notification which users will get is “Sending Failed.” There are various reasons for this issue. We provide you an entire term to troubleshoot these kinds of errors step by step.
  • When you are not able to receive emails, there could be a number of reasons. Maybe the problem is occurring from the sender’s end, but you are not aware of it. We are here to sort out these errors for you.
  • We troubleshoot reset and configuration email id errors in our email customer care services.

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