All of the employers on this list are contributing in a number of key areas, from developing life-saving technology (Philips) to helping people with chronic kidney disease (Satellite Healthcare) to developing a vaccine, GSK and while many of these organizations are always registered nurses, case managers and technicians, hire them for other types of roles that keep their business going, including salespeople, software engineers, and analysts.

If you’re passionate about finding a job that will make a difference in healthcare, take a look Check out the following companies – you may find the perfect solution.

Top Health Care Companies: 

UnitedHealth Group:

UnitedHealth Group, the parent company of UnitedHealthcare and Optum, is one of the world’s leading diversified healthcare companies. Your goal is to improve the lives and health of others by helping improve affordability, accessibility, and quality of care, while helping shape the way the health system of the future will work in the industry’s toughest challenges in building meaningful careers.

Satellite Healthcare:

Satellite Healthcare is committed to working “for the people” and “for progress”. As a nonprofit whose success is measured by patient outcomes, your priorities are clear: delivering the best patient care and training possible, supporting and empowering your staff to accomplish their mission every day as they have done for nearly 50 years Case is.

Satellite’s investments in research have made it a driving force for progress, as has support for kidney education and philanthropic programs. And they add Satellite WellBound to home dialysis because it leads to better results. Most importantly, help your patients live the best life possible.


Philips is committed to improving the lives of millions of people around the world. Their teams pride themselves on the significant innovations and solutions they bring to the healthcare challenges that surround them, and recognize that the people who are part of Philips need guidance and support to reach their full potential. At Philips, people can make a difference where it matters most. Visit their racing page.

Gentle Dental:

Gentle Dental provides high-quality and comprehensive care that includes general dentistry, orthodontics, periodontics, endodontics, pedodontics, prosthetics, and oral surgery.

Gentle Dental serves patients in 180 different locations in eight western states under the Gentle Dental and Smile Keepers brands, and each member of the team is patient-centric and has proven time and again that group dentistry can offer a better, more ethical alternative for patients.


How many people can say they will improve the health and lives of patients around the world? Labcorp employees do just that every day. By working across many disciplines, Labcorp’s global team of exceptional people is pushing new boundaries to enable better healthcare. , Labcorp employees are motivated to make a difference from discovery to diagnosis to delivery.


Tend is changing the experience of going to the dentist. With patient-loving dentists and hygienists, state-of-the-art technology, and beautifully designed courses, care at Tend is not only painless but also a pleasure. Instead of paying its dentists a commission for procedures, Tend pays them a competitive base salary plus a bonus based on guest satisfaction, which builds trust by balancing patient and provider interests.

Rethinking what dental can require commitment, collaboration, and a lot of creativity. These are all qualities Tend seeks in its employees, whether they are hiring a dentist in one of their studios, a COO in New York, or a software engineer in Nashville.

Flatiron Health:

Flatiron Health’s mission is to improve life by learning from each cancer patient’s experience. Accelerating cancer research and improving the quality of care requires collaboration across the industry. The company’s products connect oncologists, academics, hospitals, life science researchers, and regulatory agencies on a common technology platform. 

At Flatiron, they not only build technology forever, but they also build a workplace forever. This means promoting an environment where people can thrive, learn, and advance the company’s mission. Their values ​​reflect what they expect from everyone, and report everything they do.

Affinity Health Plan:

Affinity Health Plan is the perfect place for bon vivant, entrepreneurs, and innovators. There are endless opportunities to contribute to a variety of projects that advance Affinity in pursuit of its mission to improve the health and wellbeing of its members, their families, and their communities.Affinity has a diverse workforce, a performance-oriented corporate culture and a strong employee base.

Mental Health Center of Denver:

Named a pinnacle place of job with the aid of using the Denver Post 9 years in a row, the Mental Health Center of Denver firmly believes that human beings can, and do, get over intellectual illness—and hires human beings committed to operating closer to that goal. The corporation offers offerings that allow adults to stay greater enjoyable and effective lives, assist youngsters to grow to be greater resilient, and make sure that households are happier and healthier.

Glaukos Corporation:

Since the introduction of iStent®, a device that can help lower intraocular pressure and reduce reliance on glaucoma drugs, Glaukos has pioneered micro invasive glaucoma surgery (MIGS) to set the paradigm of traditional treatment and management for glaucoma to revolutionize. Glaukos combines solid research, creative engineers, and a flexible management style to develop products that improve the lives of patients worldwide.

Hinge Health:

Hinge Health is pioneering the world’s most patient-centered digital clinic for back and joint pain. the company is formed from a various team of scientists, medical professionals, and engineers on a mission to tackle one of the toughest problems facing aid today, beginning with musculoskeletal (MSK) disorders.

When people work at Hinge Health, they are doing more than just one job – they have the opportunity to be health care leaders while transforming the lives of patients with chronic pain. Hinge Health is a place where employees can experience continuous growth and development, open communication and feedback culture, and mutual trust and respect among colleagues.

To Sum Up:

The purpose of health care is to promote the health, healing, treatment, and quality of life of the people they care for. Every medical professional has chosen a career that will help humanity in a disinterested way, in a selfless act, and without self-interest.

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