Losing a major quantity of weight will have a myriad of health edges for your heart, hormones, and body generally. However, it’s one aspect effect: loose skin. several people World Health Organization have with success lost an oversized quantity of weight, typically a hundred pounds or a lot of, might realize themselves with loose skin that’s uncomfortable and frustrating. luckily, there square measure ways that to manage and treat loose skin with style changes, noninvasive treatments, and surgery.

What Causes Loose Skin?

Loose skin when weight loss could be a results of many contributory factors. Our skin is part created of proteins referred to as albuminoid and albuminoid fibers. These proteins provide skin its firmness and permit it to snap back in situ when being stretched. once the skin is stretched for Associate in Nursing extended amount of your time, the albuminoid and albuminoid fibers become broken.1 when weight loss, your skin might lack the required proteins to come back to its original form. The skin loses its firmness and tends to only droop on the body.

In addition to losing albuminoid and albuminoid, the makeup of the albuminoid left within the skin changes additionally. when losing weight, our skin contains less albuminoid and its composition is completely different than the albuminoid in young, healthy skin.2 The makeup of your skin is additionally determined by alternative factors like age, history of smoking, general health, and case history.3

Side Effects From Loose Skin

Many people World Health Organization have achieved huge weight loss aren’t discomposed by their excess skin and ne’er need treatment. However, it’s conjointly doable for this additional skin to become irritated and even infected.

When excess skin folds over onto itself, it rubs along and tenderness will occur. this could cause a painful, itchy rash. Loose skin may cause infections. once loose skin folds over itself, it are often tough to totally clean every fold. microorganism will accumulate and overgrow, inflicting Associate in Nursing infection. If your skin chafes and tears slightly, the infection will enter the body.

Having excess loose skin on your body will cause pain and discomfort, particularly once you try and exercise.4 this is often particularly problematic for people World Health Organization have simply lost weight since exercise could be a key part of serving to them maintain their weight loss. A 2013 study found that girls World Health Organization had loose skin when bariatric surgery cited their skin as a barrier to physical activity.5 This was thanks to the actual fact that the surplus skin created exercise uncomfortable, on high of the emotional discomfort of unwelcome stares and a spotlight throughout activity. The embarrassment of going for a run or to the gymnasium owing to their loose skin prevented several from figuring out.

Even if your loose skin has not caused any health issues, you will be discomposed by the manner it’s. Studies have found that having excess skin will negatively impact your quality of life, shallowness, and body image.6

At-Home Treatments

There square measure some straightforward, healthy habits you’ll strive reception to deal with loose skin. whereas at-home treatments will assist you create tiny enhancements to the planning and feel of your skin, they won’t fully address the reason for your droopy skin or fix the matter fully. Losing a major quantity of weight typically ends up in a lot of skin than style changes will handle. For this reason, many folks intercommunicate medical treatments for facilitate.


Physical activity and strength coaching routines will assist you maintain your weight loss and build healthy muscles. {this will|this may|this will} facilitate with droopy skin as a result of the new muscles can facilitate to fill it out. when weight loss, you don’t have the maximum amount body fat to fill out your skin. By building lean muscles through strength coaching, you’ll be ready to add muscles whereas keeping the additional weight off.


Another way to enhance loose skin is together with your diet. feeding a diet made in lean proteins will assist you avoid losing muscles and build new muscles. feeding supermolecule when strength coaching is very useful for building muscles. Next, wash all that healthy supermolecule down with many water. Well-hydrated skin is a lot of elastic and versatile than dehydrated skin. Unless otherwise directed by your care supplier, aim for concerning sixty four to a hundred fluid ounces of water per day.

Compression article of clothing

Wearing compression article of clothing will facilitate forestall a number of the aspect effects of loose skin. Compression stockings and alternative clothes that firmly hold loose skin along minimize friction from skin-to-skin contact. this could facilitate scale back pain, irritation, itching, and also the risk of infection. Compression article of clothing won’t improve loose skin itself, however, solely the aspect effects.7

Firming Cream

Sadly, these claims haven’t been proved by analysis, and natural or flavourer remedies don’t ought to prove their safety or efficaciousness so as to be oversubscribed. continually refer to your care supplier before making an attempt a brand new skin product.

Medical Treatments

As bariatric and weight loss surgeries became a lot of common, thus too have procedures to deal with the surplus skin which will result from them. Once you have got reached your weight loss goal and maintained your healthy weight, speak together with your care supplier concerning the correct medical treatment for addressing loose skin.

Body Contouring Surgery

Body contouring surgery is performed by a cosmetic surgeon, and involves removing excess skin and fat from the body. The doc also will work to enhance the form of the remaining tissue, giving your body a electric sander look. There square measure many styles of body contouring surgeries betting on wherever you have got excess skin and the way a lot of you’d like removed, including:

  • Tummy tuck (abdominoplasty)
  • Panniculectomy (skin removal surgery)
  • Arm carry (brachioplasty)
  • Breast carry
  • Lower body carry
  • Thigh lift

Undergoing body contouring surgery needs anaesthesia and frequently defrayment one night within the hospital. once you square measure discharged home, you will need a surgical drain for excess fluid for a couple of weeks, additionally as compression article of clothing. Recovery might take many months, however the general public begin feeling higher when concerning four weeks.

Other Medical Procedures

If you’d wish to avoid surgery to deal with your loose skin, there square measure alternative choices. VelaShape and ThermiTight square measure noninvasive and minimally invasive body contouring procedures which will facilitate to tone the skin.11 These procedures could also be an honest match if you have got a bottom quantity of excess skin to remove:

VelaShape uses radiofrequency, infrared emission, and suction to massage the fat cells beneath the skin. This method is supposed to stimulate the expansion of recent albuminoid and albuminoid, giving your skin a lot of flexibility and definition.
ThermiTight uses radiofrequency that’s delivered to your cells via a tubing. The procedure heats the tissue beneath your skin to a secure temperature and causes it to contract and shrink. Results typically take concerning 3 to four months to indicate.

A Word From Verywell

Having to deal with excess loose skin when meeting a weight loss goal will feel frustrating and discouraging. It’s useful to recollect that there square measure many treatment choices, with body contouring surgery being the foremost effective. to work out that treatment is true for you, speak together with your care supplier and create a thought. you have got already done the toil of losing the weight; currently relish your new health and body.

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