Solve your AOL Email Retrieving and Receiving issues

Solve your AOL Email Retrieving and Receiving issues

AOL Mail or AOL Email is a free web-based email service provider managed by AOL, a division of Verizon communications. Here in this blog, we are talking about the issues based on its Email Reading and Receiving. We, Happytosupport, the Best AOL Email Support Providing Company offer you the way to Solve your AOL Email Reading and Receiving issues :

At first, we talk about fixing the problems receiving mail:

Take a look,

If you can easily sign in to your AOL mail id and read your mail, but you are facing issues receiving new mails there, here are few tips you should try to solve.

    Check your filters

There are some issues opened up that a filter sometimes diverts new mails and sent it to either trash or different folders. So at that point, you should take a look at other folders, and also you should check your filters configuration.

    Learn about delivery delays

Also, sometimes, users can face late delivery of mails. This is very rare, but mail often late delivered. This issue mainly occurred due to the server problem, heavy internet traffic, or routing problems.

But, other than waiting, you will not be able to understand if the message is delayed or undeliverable. If there will be any medium, then ask the sender to resend the message to see if you can get the message a second time.

    Check for emails in your Spam folder

If you get emails in your Spam folder that don’t belong there, you’ll need to mark the messages as “not spam.”

1. Sign in to AOL Mail.

2. Click the Spam folder.

3. Select the message that isn’t spamming.

4. At the top of the page, click Not Spam.

Now, we should talk about solving issues related to retrieving mail:

If you’re facing problems retrieving your AOL Mail then you should follow these troubleshooting steps:

    Use AOL Basic Mail

AOL Basic Mail offers you a way to look after your emails in a more straightforward layout. This will surely help you when you’re facing issues retrieving mail on slower connection speed.

    Reset your web settings

Also, installing multiple web searching browsers can change your web setting configuration. But, You can easily reset your general web settings without changing the settings of all web browsers on your computer.

    Disable pop-up blocking

Blocking pop-ups from your browser will lead you to the issues of accessing AOL Mail, especially when you have your mail set to open in a pop-up window while creating a new message. You should either disable pop-up blockers on your browser or disable the pop-up window in your AOL Mail Compose settings.

    Clear your browser’s cache

You will inevitably found cookies on your website. In the present meantime, you can found notification of cookies on every other website you log in. These cookies contain some info stored that will help your website to load quicker. This means, you can easily and quickly access your sites, this stored info can cause some sites to have loading errors. You should also clear your browser’s cache to reset your browser and clear out all the unknown and unwanted bits of info that have been stored, making it overall run better.

    Temporarily disable your firewall

If you are using a firewall or any other security software, then it may be preventing you from connecting to AOL. So you need to temporarily disable your firewall and check whether or not you’re able to connect to the internet. If your firewall software isn’t on the list linked, you will need to contact your firewall software provider for additional info.

    Disable Protected Mode in Internet Explorer

Protected mode is enabled by default and may interfere with AOL Mail. If you’re continuing to have trouble accessing mail, turn Protected Mode off:

1. Click Tools.

2. Click Internet Options.

3. Click the Security tab.

4. Deselect “Enable Protected Mode.”

5. Restart Internet Explorer and sign in to AOL Mail again.

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