AOL Advantages and Features

AOL Mail originally known as American Online Mail is an American Web Portal and
Online Email Service Provider. Since its inception in 90s, this email service provider is one of the fastest and popular webmail service providers. It provides free webmail service to their clients. You can say it is very much similar to Gmail and Outlook. It also provides unlimited storage to its user. Happy to Support is the best platform where users can take the assistance of AOL Customer Care. We provide AOL Customer Care Number to the clients so that they can easily connect and get the solution ASAP.

Our AOL Helpline Number will help you to get a solution related to the creation of AOL ID,password recovery, login issues, profile configuration, etc. We are a team of expert professionals who dedicatedly available 24*7 to help our clients. Here, we are providing you AOL Tips, Tricks and Features that can help you in several different ways.
Let’s first know about the hidden advantages of AOL Mail,

The Best feature of AOL Mail is, you have to simply use your mouse to highlight any text you want to remain in the email before clicking the reply button. It will automatically represent the highlighted text including header on it and then you can reply in the email beneath the text listed above. This is one of the great features of AOL Mail and should be used by numbers of its users. But if you want all the entire text email to remain, then simply move your cursor to whole text and highlight it then click reply.

Advanced Features of AOL Mail

  • You can see live news and sports here.
  • Online Radio features are here which includes 80’s, 90’s, r&b, dance and country.
  • You can enjoy music, videos to your PC. Many of the videos and music you can enjoy that are not actually released.
  • AOL also offers local news. Local sports, local weather, etc. All of this information instantly displayed on your screen when you sign in.
  • Even if you don’t have your PC, you can mail through any browser by visiting AOL’s official webpage. You can also download AIM which is an instant messenger for AOL mail.
  • Enjoy online gaming. You are free to play any card game against anyone online.
  • Free from a virus. Use free Virus protection by using AOL Broadband.

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